Transforming concepts into a dynamic reality, this project encompasses branding, UI design, and development.

Project Overview:

EcoRevive Naturals, a sustainable cleaning product company, approached us for a complete rebranding. They sought to enhance their brand identity and packaging design to appeal to a wider audience, including eco-conscious consumers and mainstream retailers.


  1. Dated Branding: The existing branding felt outdated and failed to communicate the company's commitment to sustainability.
  2. Limited Appeal: EcoRevive's previous packaging didn't attract mainstream consumers due to its eco-centric design.
  3. Competitive Market: The cleaning product market is highly competitive, requiring a unique and memorable brand presence
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  1. Modernization: Revamp the brand's image with a contemporary and eco-friendly aesthetic.
  2. Broaden Audience: Create packaging that appeals to both eco-conscious consumers and mainstream retailers.
  3. Stand Out: Develop a design that distinguishes EcoRevive Naturals from competitors.


  1. Brand Strategy: We conducted extensive market research and identified key competitors and trends. We defined EcoRevive's unique selling points and positioned them as an eco-friendly, effective, and affordable choice.
  2. Visual Identity: We crafted a fresh, nature-inspired visual identity, including a new logo, color palette, and typography. This identity conveyed eco-friendliness and product efficacy.
  3. Packaging Design: Our team redesigned product labels and packaging to reflect the new brand identity. We used sustainable materials and emphasized product benefits and eco-friendliness.
  4. Marketing Collateral: To support the rebrand, we designed marketing collateral, including brochures, social media assets, and a revamped website.


  1. Increased Sales: EcoRevive Naturals experienced a 30% increase in sales within the first quarter after the rebrand.
  2. Wider Distribution: Major retailers, previously hesitant, began stocking EcoRevive products due to the new design's broader appeal.
  3. Positive Feedback: Consumers praised the new look and appreciated the brand's commitment to sustainability.
  4. Brand Loyalty: EcoRevive Naturals developed a loyal customer base, thanks to the cohesive and impactful rebrand.
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